Country Living - Halfaampieskraal

Ok - so I definitely pendulate between wanting to be some chic urban dweller going to cool local events and knowing all the hip places* and wanting a nice quiet life on the countryside where I can go for long walks and I have a nice garden to care for, etc. Today, I'm definitely having a countryside moment. So just in case the countryside of next-door Virginia won't do, my mind has already bought a ticket to faraway South Africa, rented a car, and driven all the way to Halfaampieskraal...a wool, wheat, dairy farm with beautiful guest houses.

It has everything that I love: outdoor showers, en-suite showers just in case the weather isn't being cooperative, and extra comfy bed with fresh air flowing right in.

There's all things fresh, a pool to swim in, bike/hiking trails and a quaint nearby town, Napier, to explore the local scene.

*Note: unless knowing local farmer's markets, used furniture stores and hardware/garden stores has become the new chic/cool/hip thing- I certainly haven't become the urban dweller of my dreams.


kelly jo said...

i vote for going to places i can't pronounce! let's do it!

p.s. what do you think about vegas as a long weekend getaway? not to gamble, it's all for the shows and over the topness...

This Time Now said...

This makes me want to move to South Africa or just build it in my native Virginia.

Felicia, This Time Now