Visi Designer Award - Boyd Ferguson

So last April, I was still in Sudan mentally traveling around Africa and fell in love with the interior design of the Hout Bay Manor that had recently been redone by the South African design firm C├ęcile & Boyd’s. I fell in love with the mixture of modern designer that blended in local cultural and art pieces to make the hotel reflect it's African heritage without feeling too overwhelming.

Little that I know that less than a year later, the design firm would go on to win the ABSOLUT VISI Designer of the year award in South Africa (2009) for the work they did on that very hotel!!! Visi Magazine is a great magazine featuring South African designs, home decor, and feature articles on a whole range of topics!

Just relooking at the work provides so much inspiration of what my apartment could be, if I could only pull my act together!!

Anyway...hope you enjoy another look at this chic boutique hotel that lead to the award....

All photos from Hout Bay Manor


AphroChic said...

Gorgeous post! I love everything - the colors, the decor. What style.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing - I love it!