Dream Cushions

Now that it is summer* I have been really excited about taking 'operation cozy' to the outdoors and making my patio as comfortable and inviting as possible. While I have always known that the patio was the largest selling point for me in choosing this apartment, it did not really sink in until Sunday morning. I was able to crawl out of bed and take a few steps directly onto my patio and enjoy the cool morning air while chatting with my sister.

Since I seem to always have design on my mind, I was chatting and thinking about how to design the space. I already have a partial dining set left by the previous owner and 5 random pieces of tree trunks just waiting to be used as a side table and plant holder but I am always thinking back to textiles and color. I have always wanted to find a way to use African textiles, especially kangas which I love, into my space and these cushions would definitely do the trick! I've shown a similar ones before here, but I can't help loving them even more when I see them anew.

And honestly, I can't even get into the carved table which makes my heart ache 'cause it's so beautiful. Hmmmm wood!

*I know it's only April, but in D.C. we kinda skipped spring went straight for "run for cover" type of heat (I love it).

**Pic by Adam.