Tuesday's Design: Aboubakar Fofana

After so much well-deserved hype about natural organic processes of textile dying in India (see my favs John Robshaw and Les Indiennes), it was such a refreshing treat to learn about Aboubakar Fofana over at Design Africa.

His whole raison d'etre seems to be keeping the traditional practice of indigo dying in Mali alive and manifesting this passion through the creation of stunning fabrics for home design and fashion (mostly through scarves).

Not only does he dye his fabric, he and his team of mega-talented African folk, hand-spin and hand weave their own cotton in his studio in his Bamako studio. I know you are thinking that somewhere along the production chain something gets finished in China, but nope - the cushions and blankets get sewn right there in Mali! Talk about eco-friendly.....

When not creating all things indigo and beautiful, Fofana also babbles in calligraphy and a few other colors for his fabrics!

I need to go to Mali for a few weeks and be his apprentice!!

{Photos from Design Africa, Aboubakar Fofana, and Traditional Homes}


Style Noir said...

You're on a roll over here!

Fantastic post-- just fantastic.

What's your email address?

Still thinking about that photo blog...

Ciaa said...

hey girl ,I really like what you do here , i stumble upon your blog today while doing some research . I actually posted about Aboubakar last week and by the way i from Mali so you should came visit. You can visit my blog as well i talk about African fashion

SDG said...

Just gorgeous! Thr colors are stunning. I enjoy your spot very much. I'm going to comment more as well.

Christina said...

I'd love to contact Aboubakar who I met in France. I had no idea he was in the UK!
I'm programme director for a textile design course at Cardiff School of Art and Design e mail

The refinement and beauty of Aboubakar's work is incredible.
Christina Shannon
(I speak French)