Garifuna: Andy Palacio

So way back in the day (I'm talking 17th century here), a bunch of slaves got shipwrecked on the island of St. Vincent. The Caribs and Arwarks who were living on the island at the time quickly found them out (St. Vincent is only but so big) and well, let's just say mother nature took her course. A few multi-racial babies later the Garifuna people were formed. Colonialism eventually got them settled in Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua and Guatemala where they have been working ever since to hang on to the culture.

Today's musical showcase comes from the popular Garifuna artist Andy Palacio who passed away early last year. His music is a clear mix of the Caribbean and African beats and literally makes one just want to be on a beach sipping something good! Certain parts of this particular song reminds me of hip hop beats coming out of East Africa. A whole group of people and music that I knew nothing about even a few hours ago and I get to love at this very minute!! I'm loving it!!

To see a sample of Garifuna dance, click here. To learn more about this group, click here and here. You can get Palacio's music on iTunes.

Have a good weekend!

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