Sérgio Santimano

Hoping that you all had a great weekend, I'm going to ease into this week by presenting you one of my favorite photographic finds this weekend. Hailing from Mozambique, Sérgio Santimano has been capturing images of his homeland for multiple decades. I love this particular image of his for so many reasons. Despite it being black and white (which I love), the first thing that still comes shinning through for me is the texture (obviously considering my textile obsession). In my mind, I can see all the blues and yellows and reds bursting through. The fact that the picture is b&w makes it even more wonderful because it allows me the freedom to fill in any colors I want (just in case I want to). It's almost like a reading a book and mentaling building the set and putting faces to the characters - instead it's with a picture. If that wasn't enough, I love that the two women in the middle are so getting their groove on. The main women just looks like she is flying through this dance number. What's also interesting is that you can't see the music, you totally don't know where it's coming from, left only to assume that it's in the background somewhere. The entourage of women don't appear to be singing, but clearly three of the women are clapping to some kind of beat. I wonder what their are dancing to?

What do you like (or dislike) about this photo? Anything I'm missing?

Stay tuned for another great African photographer today....

{Photo from Estrada Poeirenta}


SDG said...

I love everything about it. these people are vibrant, alive and engaged. I want to be there w/them dancing and (hopefully) singing. It's a wonderful moment in time that is captured so well by photography.

Ali la Loca said...

I like that it's uplifting and not depressing, full of movement.