Tuesday's Design: Cruising the Nile

I actually remember my first trip on the Nile River (White Nile in this case). It was early September 2004 and I was excited that all my first days of orientation for my new job were over and that I was finally making my way to Sudan. We drove to the first Nile River crossing and waited and waited and waited. The ferry finally came to our side of the river and the cars began to load up. The river was calm and beautiful but had to compete with a million other "firsts" for my attention.

The second crossing was slightly different. It was the last stop in Uganda and we loaded all the goods we had purchased unto a tiny motor boat that sank deeper and deeper into the water with every bigger box of supply (food, stationary for schools, books, etc). A few strong pulls at the engine and we were flying away to the town of Nimule. Everything around me was a lush green and I remember feeling like I was on a crazy adventure!

Throughout the rest of my first year in Sudan, I would cross the river at every 4-6 weeks, sometimes more. When the elephants were around, the boat driver would drift as close the edge as possible for me to get a glimpse (the male elephants were not always appreciative of my sightseeing). When the same driver got a little too excited, I would arrive on the other side half drenched with water. At times the boat was so full with all the usual African carry-ons (chickens, goats, luggages, food, babies, etc), that there was barely room for all of us and everyone would breath a collective sigh of relief when we made it safely across.

While I would certainly love to do that trip one more time, I think my next trip on the Nile should be a little more like this! Dahabiyyas are like mini-cruises (think no more 10 of your deep pocketed friends) that are super exclusive with private chefs, stops along local villages and islands, and relaxing on deck without having to fight a 100 (0r even 50) other cruise goers for the best view!

These boats started back in the day was the rich and famous of the 19th century wanted to check out the sites of Egypt without the hoopla of other tourists. Clearly they were on to something! Like then, you can cruise the Nile at a leisurely pace and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I have viewed many other dahabiyyas out and about the Nile since I found out about this one over at coco+kelley, but this one, the Assouan, continues to be my favorite for it's great chilled-out style. The blue and white outdoor cushions look great against the giant sails. Between the sling chairs, hammock and lounge seating you have plenty of opportunity to cozy up and get a little nap in the breeze.

So whose on board with me?!?!

Stay tuned later today for my very first ever giveaway!!!!

{Photos from Assouan}

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A Life More Fabulous said...

These photos are beautiful - the red and white striped sails instantly put a smile on my face! :)