Narf & Manecas Costa

I hope you are ready because today is jammed packed with music!

So what does my favorite region of Spain, Galicia, have to do with the African country of Guinea-Bissau? Well, I didn't really think they had anything to do with each other but little did I know about this little union of between Narf and Manecas Costa. You see, Narf (aka Fran PĂ©rez) is one of the top artists coming out of Galicia and Manecas is a mega singing and guitar-playing star in his own right. So you know it can only be something beautiful coming out of this union of sound!

When he isn't jamming with the likes of Narf, Manecas is out and about making his own beautiful beats! Here are two of my favorite songs by this artist.

I love this like chilled out number...I totally see myself on a nice beach, sipping something fruity with this in the background!

Well I hope you have enjoyed this week of posts! Please prepare yourself because next week is ANGOLA WEEK here on Out and About Africa so get ready for tons of design, music, photographs and more all about Angola!

Have a great weekend!

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