Pierrot Men

Let's get this week rolling with a few stunning images from Malagasy photographer Pierrot Men.

Born in 1954 to a Chinese father and a Malagasy mother, Men has spent over the last 20 years capturing moments big and small in the everyday lives of Malagasy people.

Men does the full nine yards (i.e. black room, developing, framing, etc.) in his studios in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar.

From these images alone, you can understand why this photographer has been exhibited just about everywhere and garnered so many accolades!

Between the haunting image of rural workers, the world's cutest baby being weighed, the little child struting like he got big places to be...I honestly don't know where to begin with which one I love more!

So what's your favorite image?

{Photos from Dakota Ridge Gallery}

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Liz said...

Seriously, how do you find this stuff?! Amazing! Tough to pick a favorite photo- I started to choose one, then another, then had all of them. Off to look up more about Pierrot now!