Tuesday's Design: Chandeliers


Recently I've been seriously loving so many chandeliers. I find them to be so elegant and they can glam up even the simplest and shabbiest of rooms. I certainly wish I could replace the overhead lighting in my apartment with some of these stunning chandeliers.

Here are some of my favorites for today (as I'll totally need to do another one of these chandelier posts again):


{South Africa - Hail to the Coke Bottle}



{South Africa}




{South Africa}

So which ones are your favorites??

{Photos from Flickr}


Ali la Loca said...

Oh, girl. This is right up my alley. I *love* chandeliers. What beautiful images! Our house in Brasil is decked out with 17th century French crystal chandeliers that I've collected over the years, and we've got some sweet ceramic rose chandeliers here in Maputo from the early 19th century.

Thanks for the beautiful pics, as always.


Wow! Chandeliers are one of my favorite things in the world so I am drooling over this post. They are all exquisite but I think the Libyan one is my favorite. It is so stunning!