Tuesday's Design: Tropical Cathedral

So long long time ago when I was studying abroad in Spain, I use to love going into the cathedrals to see the beautiful architecture. I was always amazing at how much time and energy had gone into the construction of such incredible spaces. Despite all the beautiful chapels and cathedrals I saw in Spain and other parts of Europe (and Mexico), nothing compares to this tropical cathedral in Stone Town, Zanzibar!

Between the bright yellow and orange and sky blue ceilings and the pink pillars this place is truly amazing! I already don't do enough praying as it is, so I don't know how much praying I would be able to do in this space. I would seriously just spend whatever time I could analyzing ever single beautiful corner of this place!

Are there any tropical cathedrals near you? Have you been in a space like this before?

{Photos from Flickr}



Oh my goodness, Zanzibar is on my top 10 list of places I want to visit! I'm dying to see architecture like this in person.

You're so lucky you studied in Spain. I love everything about Spain and I was just there last month. Are you fluent in Spanish? (I'm trying to learn.)

Brandie said...

Where in Spain were you. I Love Spain despite the vast number of years that have passed since I last visited (2000). I still speak a little Spanish although i'm getting really rusty. Need to live somewhere Spanish speaking for a while, although right now I'm practicing French and will start Portuguese before the end of the year.

Gem said...

Wow, that cathedral is giving me everything I need for color right now.

Zanzibar is also on my list of places. How long were you in Spain?