Tuesday's Design: Soweto Style

In preparing for another post, I got a totally sidelined by these beautiful images of homes in the township of Soweto by Mark Lanning. The meshing of colors and especially textures is amazing. Designs that I only associate with the floors (and as a little tacky or just over-the-top) gets slammed on walls, giving a room a completely new dimension.

I have always associated Soweto as being a poor black ghetto - home of some of the South African greats like Nelson Mandela, but to be honest, I never thought too much about the homes that people in the township actually live in, let alone that those home could be chic, stylish and completely striking.

So I'm really glad that Mark Lanning and his associates took so much time (2 years) to go through and see Soweto and show is this side of the township. I'm so all about designs that help expand the imagination!

I'm sooo loving this little blue kitchen!!!

So what do you think? Anything surprise you about these homes and decor? How does this compare to your image of what homes in poor neighborhood look like?

Those of you in South Africa, you can find more of his Mark Lanning's work in the newest edition of Elle Decoration SA. His book Life: Soweto Style is available on Amazon.

{Photos from Elle Decoration SA and Mark Lanning}

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