Erick-Christian Ahounou

The image of a nude African woman has been around just about forever. The minute one leaves the major cities and hits the villages in many African countries, that's what you see and that's what your camera captures. These images generally show a woman just as she is and does not usually convey anything sexual or erotic to the viewer (at least not to me).

In his The Naked Body exhibition, Beninese photographer Erick-Christian Ahounou took this standard image and challenged it. Using middle class African women, this collection put the sensuality of the African woman at the center stage.

In doing so, Ahounou challenged many societal taboo of showing nudes in public in his country.

{Photos from Noorderlicht, OS DOIS PILARES DA CRIAÇÃO}


Anonymous said...

Very hard to imagine a beautiful naked woman not representing a sexual possibility even if she is envolved in an everyday natural and mundane activity

Anonymous said...

true in a way ,however ,give yourself a break and try to appreciate the beaty in composition ,color and air of an art piece