For the Adventurous

I honestly fell in love with this picture the instant I saw it! Not only do I love the dark tones, I love the composition of this scene out of Cotonou, Benin. The women in bright, colorful fabrics juxtaposed against the off-white motorbike drivers is amazing not to even mention the lead driver who I can safely say is caring way too many goods in front of his line of vision. As this is the "best" way to get around in Kampala, I'm quite familiar with the thrill of zipping through a city on the back of one of these (even while fully loaded with backpack and other purchases). Fun as it may be, this is also a quick and easy way to get oneself injured or killed in many African cities (notice the lack of helmets) and Cotonou is no exception!

{Photo from Teresa & Pavle}



Brandie, we need to talk! I've been to Kampala too! You're the only person I "know" who has so this is so exciting. I really liked it - such a pleasant place for a captial city. I loved all of Uganda, actually. Oh, and I have fond memories of riding on the backs of motos with two other people (in addition to the driver!) :)

Brandie said...

Haha! We definitely need to talk. I love Uganda! It use to be my base when I was working in South Sudan the first time (2004-2005)so I use to go to Adjumani often as well as heading down to Kampala. I fact, I spent last Easter there (check out:http://tinyurl.com/lytpfe) and it was the best. so calm and green! Have you been there recently? Were you there for work or vacation? Have you done the rapids in Jinja?


Oh my god, our paths just keep crossing even closer! I did a photography project there a few years ago but haven't been back since then. I would definitely like to go again because no, I didn't get to raft and I definitely want to! I also sponsor two kids there and would like to visit them again. I spent most of my time in Kampala and in the North - Gulu and Lira. This is SO cool to talk about Uganda with someone - and another design blogger for that matter. I just love how the internet works! :)