John Mauluka

Good Monday Morning!

How was your weekend? Mine was very relaxing. A friend is staying with me for a few days so it has been great to just hang out with her this weekend.

I would like to kick off this week with an amazing photo by Zimbabwean photojournalist John Maulaka. This picture was taken in 1980 when Zimbabwe gained independence from the British.

While it is difficult to think about what has become of Zimbabwe, there are so many things to love about this image and the hope that it captured. I try to imagine what these women must have felt in that moment when it became clear that after years of living under colonial rule, their country and people would now be free. I try to imagine what the streets were like, the change in the air, and especially the change in the spirit of the people. Even though my imagination can barely skim the surface of the moment, this picture provides such an clear imagine of the utter joy many Zimbabweans must have felt.

{Photo from Blanc Marfil}

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Anonymous said...

This photo makes me happy :)