{Loving This!}...Djimon Hounsou

Just in case you haven't seen Blood Diamonds, In America, Gladiator, Amistad any of his other movies or his turns on the Parisian catwalk, let me introduce you to the Beninese actor Djimon Hounsou. One of five children born to his parents in Cotonou, Benin back in 1964, Hounsou eventually move to France where he broke into modeling with the help of fashion designer Thierry Mugler. While modeling helped get him off the streets where he was homeless, his dreams really belonged in acting and in 1989, he moved to the City of Angels to successfully pursue his dreams.

While Hounsou has lived in the U.S. and France for his adult life, he remains deeply rooted in the continent his work, advocacy, and frequent trips to the continent.

Should these images be too gentle for you, you can certainly check out Hounsou in the Calvin Klein ads! There is only one word to describe him in those ads: STUNNING!

{Photos from The Insider, FilmGordon and Liz's Blog}

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