{Loving This!}...Textiles

It's pretty ridiculous how much I love colorful textiles so as you can imagine, most places in Africa just add fuel to my fire when it comes to this and clearly Benin does not disappoint. I love the complete fearlessness when it comes to wearing such vivid colors and most of the fabric seems to scream "you don't need to cut me up into something stylish...I'm the star of the show just as I am!" While I remain a slave of color coordinating my clothes, these women (and men) are able to make wrapping fabric around your waist and throwing on a top with a color scheme in another hemisphere look like a complete artform. What makes it particularly unique is that this is not an individual thing, an entire society takes part in this festival of color.

{Photos from Ferdinand Reus, rogerards, Sergio Pessalano, doseric, unknown}

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