{Loving This!}...Wax Print and Denim

My days of wearing clothes that were too loose on me (read baggy) have long been over, but for some reason I am LOVING this combination of relaxed jeans (minus the ruffles) with beautiful African wax print tops by designer Junya Watanabe.

The designs are styled in a way that brings African wax prints to your urban woman's closet - maybe in New York or London. Each of these outfits just exude a relaxed day, walking through a fun outdoor market, followed by a laid back afternoon in a favorite park with a quick nap, all while rocking a light and breezy mood.

Needless to say I'm also in love with the head-wear!

{Photos from Style.com}



I love him and everything he does! The headwear is definitely fabulous.

3pieceonline said...

I love the tops and actually I try avoid a top and bottom that are both loose so I would probably pair the tops with leggings.

Brandie said...

@3pieceonline: I general do avoid doing both top and bottom loose, but for some reason i'm loving this combo from Watanabe.