Tuesday's Design: Flower Mill

I heard about South African based Flower Mill sticky boards over at Elle Decoration SA and I thought they were fabulous! I recently updated my bulletin board in my office space with a few favorite pictures and I when I saw these I which I could have held off. These boards are just what they seem. No more pushpins or tape or whatever you use to pull together your family bulletin or inspiration boards. According to their site, "a special non-toxic polymer has been applied to the art canvases to give them their stickiness. All you have to do is wipe the board with a wet cloth every few years to boost their stick." In addition, the boards are made with Obeche wood, which comes from sustainable forests. I honestly love the idea of just having a space to stick something on - so easy!

In addition to these fabulous boards, Flower Mill also makes amazing gift wraps and this cute Xhosa gift tag. I don't even know what it means and I want one!

{Photos from Flower Mill}

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deborah@flowermill.co.za said...

Hi there! thank you so much for the great write up! Our Xhosa gift tag means 'happy birthday to you!' - keep an eye on our website we are working on some gorgeous new SA inspired designs! thanx again, love Deborah & The Flowermill Girls x p.s. we have just applied for our export license so hopefully Flowermill will go worldwide soon!