Afternoon in the Countryside

My favorite day in Belgium was the day I spent out in the countryside. Like everyday of my visit, we didn't leave the house until a little after noon. Between waking up late and slow leisurely breakfast, even noon felt rather early!

Anyway, we got out of the house and headed to the village of Lippelo where my friend had spent her entire life before getting older and hitting the big city circuit. Her childhood home was so darn cute with a nice little garden in the back, perfect for summer meals and lounging. They even have the swings that they set up when their kids were younger.

Her mom had white wine chilled by the time we arrived (30 mins outside of Mechelen) and there were bikes waiting for us in the shed.

After a little time catching up with moeder, we hit the windy roads.

Me cruising around

After leisurely riding around 11 miles, we arrived in the town of Temse wher
e we pulled up to a little restaurant along the river and sipped some cool drinks. After about 45 mins of relaxing we were off again but not for long.

Super cute resto for afternoon refresher

Our thirst quenched by sparkling ice-tea, we were ready for an afternoon beer and found a little bar in the village of Hingene. Not one but two La Chouffe beers later (hmmm delicious), we were happily headed back to Lippelo through some really divine scenery.

A very simple, yet highly successful day to me!

{Photos by Brandie}

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