Next on the agenda - Gent!

After a late wake-up and slow breakfast, we piled into the car and made the 1.5h journey to the city of Gent. Before we even landed in the town square, I knew that I liked this city. It give off a nice chill vibe that I like from anyplace. The minute we got into the town square, my like for this city was sealed. The oh-so-long journey meant that we arrived very parched so there was no sightseeing until two Cuvée de Trolls were consumed!

Besides goofing around and strolling the city, I can't say that we really did much which was just fine with us participants! There was delicious chocolate to be eaten from the Chocolatier L. Van Hoorebeke, there was lounging to be done, and scenery to be adored!

My friend partaking in the "lounging about" that I mentioned before...

{Photos by Brandie, Eduard Wichner, La'J, Tudorapmadoc, and nonkelduvel}

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