Bedroom Renewed

In all my efforts to transform a basic apartment into a cosy home, the bedroom somehow became very last on my list of places to decorate. When I first moved, I spent so much time in the bedroom because it was the only place that had any furnisher so it was easily kitchen, living room, dining room and everything else rolled into one. By the time I got my couch and the rest of the pieces started coming together, I found myself spreading out and before I knew it, the bedroom had been neglected.

Well over the past few weeks I've added a few key pieces and this weekend so much of it came together with one single word: PAINT. Originally it had been a turquoise color that I loved but 10 months in was beginning to annoy me. Considering all the color and texture in the rest of the apartment, I was in serious need for something a little darker, more cosy, that really felt like a retreat (or as my sister says a "bat cave"). I wasn't sure what color to go with but as soon as I saw this month's issue of House Beautiful magazine, the decision was made: Benjamin Moore Polo Blue. Can we say love at first site?!?

Initially I was worried that it would be too dark, but after putting a little sample on the wall, I knew it was just what I needed, not to even mention the fact that the new color looks exquisite with one of the carpets I got in Iraq. Once I was done painting the whole space I new the room was MUCH closer to being complete. A new lamp for the desk area was another step in the right. I can safely say that this is one of my new favorite spaces to be. Here are a few things I love about it:

  1. Blank walls so there nothing busy to really distract me
  2. No closet meaning that there are rarely clothes laying around (walk-in closet is near the bathroom) making a mess
  3. Antique little desk that I put a little t.l.c. into and is now a place love everytime I sit at it (this is where most of the blog action happens)
  4. Soft yellow reading lamp near my bed
  5. Need I even mention the fabulous carpet?
  6. Soft cream linens - I've recently become obsessed with white/cream linens so this works for me
  7. Gold headboard that I got at Ikea and spray painted that I still love 10mths in (I have design a.d.d. so 10 months is a long time in my world)
  8. And best of all - I got everything at a used/vintage store (where about 99% of my furniture comes from) so ridiculous low prices

There are still a few things that need to be done:

  1. brass lamps need new shades
  2. cushions on chair need to be recovered
  3. bulletin board needs to be covered in the beautiful gold ribbon that my friend bought me.
  4. still debating the need of bedside tables (not that I've had any luck finding ones small enough to fit that space)

But overall this was just the dark and cosy transformation the room needed and just in time for fall!

What do you think?!

{Photos by Brandie}


Azara said...

Very Cook

Style Noir said...


Just marvelous!

I've been looking for a navy for my little foyer; I may have to swagger jack!

Love the clock, the desk, the headboard, the floor lamp-- wonderful!