Jodi Bieber

Without being aware, some of you may already by familiar with the photography of South African Jodi Bieber through publications such as the NY Times Magazine and The Sunday Times Magazines. Or maybe you've seen her work for MSF or Amnesty International. In any case, it is quite obvious why these publications and organizations choose her for their assignments.

You will also recognize a theme in her new collection called Real Beauty. Taking the idea from the Dove campaign questioned how South African women saw themselves and what their definition of beauty is. Across all communities that she examined, she found that South African women, also hold "unneccesary perceptions of self doubt around themselves and their beauty from an early age." Unlike the Dove ads, Bieber shoots these women in their homes, allowing them to pose in whatever position makes them feel most beautiful, and with no photoshop! That means all bumps, scars, cellulite, tatoos, and extra curves are left in for the viewer to see. I only know two women who would make the cut as a runway body type, so it's nice to see physical reflections of what every other woman in my life looks like and have that shown as real and beautiful as well.

I love this ballerina type pose

And seriously, who wouldn't love to pose on these steps!

What do you think of this campaign and Jodi Bieber's work? Any images really stand out for you? Definitely check out her site to see more of her amazing work.

{Photos from Jodi Bieber}

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