Tuesday's Design: Blue Patio

So here is how it usually works: I'm cruising the web with something very detailed in mind about what I'm going to post. While cruising, I find something that just screams "YES, you must show me." I'll drag it to the desktop, mull over it a bit, move on, come back and look at it while I keep searching for something else, and it will eventually make the blog, linger for weeks on my desktop, or hit the recycle bin when I realize that it was just a moment of craziness.

This image detoured all those paths and came straight to post, no second thoughts. The blue patio overlooking green hills is just stunning. It almost feels like something that should come out of Italy, but as this blog is about Africa and not Italy....

Anyway...this striking patio is from the Dar Mouchka hotel in the lovely country of Morocco!

{Photo from Dar Mouchka}