Tuesday's Design: Masculine Chic

So swinging the pendulum in the other direction, I go from bright blue patios to the dark masculine chic rooms of the Villa De L'ô also in Morocco. Taking a step away from all things colorful, I love that the decorators of this 12-room boutique hotel stuck with 3 colors: white, brown and black. The rooms take my mind back to another time (i.e. colonial) and I can just imagine some dude, walking into one of these rooms after a long and tedious journey from "the continent," and finding relief in a whole lot of luxury found in this space.
Fast forward to the here and now and let me count the ways that I love these rooms:

- great black and white photography on walls - check

- great use of old trunks - check

- crisp white linens - check

- wood panelling against white walls (esp. since my first instant to wood panelling is slight panic)- check

- deep brown leather chairs that scream comfort - check

Ahhh....if only I had another blank canvas (i.e. room), I would totally go for a look like this.

{Photos from Villa De L'ô}

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