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Let's talk about African Art Now on this yay-the-week-is-almost-over morning! I love showcasing art here every Thursday, but how much better is it to find a way to actually help you purchase these wonderful pieces. This is where African Art Now steps in. This online gallery was founded last year by three women and is based out of Kampala, Uganda. Focusing on contemporary artists, they link you - wonderful consumer of beautiful art - to artists throughout the continent. So no more of that "oh I found a great artist while I was in ___ (country) but I couldn't bring his/her work home with me because it was too big and couldn't fit in my suitcase." African Art Now will take care of that whole "get it to my door" business for you.

I also like the feature that allows you to see what a piece would look like on a wall which is ohhh so important since that's where art belongs (unlike one of my own paintings which is currently sitting on the floor because I can't decide where to put it....). You can even choose what colors that are similar to your own wall color for a more authentic view.

They also have pieces for whatever amount may be in your wallet (or bank account). You can search by price and they have everything from pieces for about $100 to the more than $15K range for those with very deep pockets. Oh and just because you see a price listed doesn't mean there isn't room for negotiation - this being Africa and all!! When you click on each painting, there is a "make an offer" option that allows you to put out there what you are willing to pay for the piece. I'm all about that!

These amazing pieces by Zimbabwean artist Benson Chiremba is just a tiny sample of the work you will find on African Art Now, so I hope you click over and see all that they have to offer.

{Photos from African Art Now}

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enisio said...

This is just fantastic! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing. That first piece you posted is just gorgeous! Lemme go see what I can afford...