Sounds of Africa: 340 ml

340 ml: the measurement on a can of beer. Also: the hottest group out of Mozambique (by way of Jo'burg). The music refuses to be type-casted meaning you get a little reggae, some jazz, a dash of rock and some Latin flavor (being from Mozambique and all...) all pulled together by four guys who have clearly lived some version of that laid-back coastal life that breeds a universal chilled vibe.

I'm currently digging this song:

Here are a few other beats to check out: Moodswings, Things to Say (a very cool remix of MJ's Billie Jean), Road Trip, and Shotgun.

Both iTunes or Amazaon are still trying to catch up with these guys so for the time being be sure to check out their album over at their myspace page.

Hope you have a very happy weekend!

{Photos from The Encore Mag, Museke}

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Assen said...

thanks Brandie for introducing us all to this band. First time i've heard about them the video you select was fantastic. It's a fusion of all the genres i love (latin, house/techno, soft rock). Very nice.