Art Scene: Julie Mehretu

Here is the straight story: I'm one of those people who really appreciates clarity and straight-forwardedness. I like to know what something means without feeling like I have to be Sherlock Holmes to get to that meaning. As you can imagine abstract art has never been my strong suit. This is why I'm not going to get into the details of what these pieces by Ethiopian-American artist Julie Mehretu really mean/symbolize. You can click here and here to read much better interpretations of Mehretu's work and her process. Just to give you a hint: there is talk about seeing urban landscapes, riots, migrations, identity, history and a lot more in her paintings.

While I may not be able to see these things in Mehretu's paintings, what I do know is that I'm drawn to them. I find them very beautiful and I like that I don't have to know what they mean in order to appreciate their beauty. I especially love the first image which is a combination of acrylic paint and ink. It feels like a dark shadow coming at you.

Beyond my simpleton "I just think it's beautiful" mind is a whole world of people who really get her work enough to shell out major money in order to own these pieces.....at times to the tune of over $200,000!!!

So what's your take? Do you like the work of Mehretu? Are you one of those who "get" abstract art?? If so, please let me in on your secret.

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