Art Scene: Irma Stern

I always love discovering new artists! Even though South African Irma Stern (1894-1966) is hardly "new," she is still a recent discovery of mine and her work has be tripping. Even after moving to Germany with her family in 1913, Stern continued to travel extensively thoughout Africa including Tanzania, Congo, Swaziland, and Senegal while making frequent trips back to South Africa over the course of her life.

I absolutely love the vibrant colors in her work and I can imagine any of these paintings as a great piece of art to have in one's room. While current market price of one is these beauties can go about to $850,000 and might be a little beyond my cash flow, I just love that international art lovers are seeing the high value in pieces made by African artists.

{Photos from litnet, artthrob, Christies}


3pieceonline said...

I love #2 and #4. Thanks for sharing these lovely artists.



Wow, look at the colors! The figures are really lovely.

toni dubai/detroit said...

i love ur blog! what a fab mix of art/fashion/music. refreshing. THANKS!