Tuesday's Design: Faso Design

One of the biggest challenges for many African artists is actually getting your piece out there. This is one of the main reasons that companies like Faso Design is so amazing. As the name may suggest, the founders have a very close link with Burkina Faso. Way back in the day (1981), one of the founders Jean-Philippe Ouvry went to work in Burkina and fell in love with the country (not very uncommon when people go to Africa for an extended amount of time).

Fast-forward a lot of years and Ouvry along with his partner Stephane Aladenise have a gallery/shop focused on showcasing amazing artists out of West Africa with a heavy dose of artists from Burkina. With major rotations in magazines such as Marie Claire Maison, Art & Decoration and Elle Decoration, Faso Design reminds people of the talent that can be found in Burkina.

{Photos from Faso Design}

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