Africa on Your Magazine Rack

So did you happen to catch the New York Times Special Report about the "new" market for luxury magazines?? My very dear reader Liz was kind enough to point it out to me the other day and I was so excited. While magazines in the U.S. are taking a major hit (weep weep the downfall of Gourmet), fashion magazines coming out of Africa are steadily growing and tapping into the small, but very wealthy pool of Africans who want to see magazines that better reflect their world.
I am so hopeful that this trend will continue to develop and that even more magazines can become available for men and women throughout the continent.
Here is a little list of additional types of magazines that I would love to see:
Home and D├ęcor: while I love Elle Decoration SA, it would be nice to have something that better reflects homes across the entire continent. From coastal to modern and colonial and your just plain out there, I'd just love to see more homes.
Foodie: with all these countries packed into one slamming continent, the food options seriously have no end. A magazine which would combine great recipes paired with solid writing and the history of the various meals as well as top restaurant reviews would definitely be on my magazine rack.

I can think of a few more, but would prefer to get your take. In your greatest fantasies, what types of magazines would you like to see at newstands across the continent?

{Photo: New York Times}

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