Through the Lens: African Autumn

The northeast of the U.S. is currently in the gripe of what is one of my favorite seasons: Autumn (summer being the other). I am constantly amazed at how beautiful the region becomes in preparation for a long winter. My bias to the season started when I first moved to the U.S. and moved to the state of Massachusetts. There is little doubt that New England has the best autumn and my school at the time made sure I enjoyed everything that the season has to offer. While autumn is D.C. is nothing like autumn further north, I'm definitely impressed with what Virginia has to offer. I was out for a bike ride recently and the fresh crisp air, beautiful turning leaves and great scenery was more than I could ask for for a happy ride.

As is usually the case, I ask myself what would autumn look like in Africa. My experiences growing up in Liberia and spending time in East Africa have shown me the dry season and rainy season and I've even experience a Nairobi winter (nothing to sneeze at consider central heating hasn't become quite the rage yet). Yet could there be an autumn like those I that experience here?!?! Maybe not quite, but as these beautiful images show, people in countries like Morocco, Tunisia, and South Africa definitely get to experience some stunning fall views. I especially love the first image of elephants wading through a fall plain!

So you do get to experience autumn in your part of the world? What does it look like? Any favorite memories?


deste64 said...

Thanks to have included one of my photos to your blog, it's an honor for me to be in the middle of such talents.

Fri at WEDDING NOUVEAU said...

the top photo is just breath taking...and making me VERY nostalgic.