Through my Nikon

I leave you for the day with a few shots from my Nikon FM10. I got this camera for over 10 years for a photography course that I took while spending the summer in New York City. I've gone through periods of just loving it to phases were I didn't even take it with me on vacation. I've had moments when I was utterly disgusted with ever image on a roll causing me to doubt my ability to take a good picture as the gap between what I envision in my mind when I snap and what comes out on print grows. Yet the anticipation of waiting until the roll is developed and the joy of seeing an image turn out beautifully in that way only that only film can produce makes me continue to snap and snap.

Do you have and use a film camera? If so, what are some of your photographic experiences?


Liz said...

Gorgeous photos! I got a Canon Rebel a couple years ago while working abroad, but never got around to learning all its features.
Wanted to give you this link just in case you missed this great article about new fashion/beauty mags in Africa: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/05/business/media/05magazine.html?ref=global-home

Brandie said...

Liz - this is awesome! Thanks so much for the link and I hope you go out and start exploring with your Canon....it's really worth it!


I still shoot film! And I plan on continuing so long as I can still find film(!) There's just no substitute for it.