Tuesday's Design: African Interiors

Last Tuesday afternoon I was talking with one of my closest friends, Dana, and she kept asking me if I had received anything in the mail. Since nothing from her had come through the mail slot, I kept saying no. Eventually I decided I would actually open the door and low and behold there was a huge and heavy box from Amazon. I had already received some pretty cool presents (including 3 packets of Polaroids...considering these are no longer in production, this is a highly coveted treat) that morning but since I really do love opening gifts, I tore into this one with fervor. Inside I found African Interiors. Needless to say I got all choked up! You see, I'd been coveting this book since last summer, even blogged about it as far back as April. The fact that she had remembered how much I wanted this was really special.

So let me just tell you a little about this book....To say it's stunning would be a massive understatement. People, I'm talking about over 700 pages of African interiors from north to south, east to west! While the pictures below hardly do the book justice (although I'm kinda loving the soft yellow look of the images), I can definitely say that each image throughout the books draws me in and leaves me eager for me. I love having it among the pile of reading material near my bed for easy access to stunning imagery!

If you get the opportunity (especially for those in love with interior design), I highly recommend this book! It's just such a great glimpse of all the amazing interiors that can be found throughout the continent.

{Photos: Brandie}

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