Flickr Finds Africa: Week 11.2.09

I have many black holes on the internet, places where once I start digging, I feel like there is absolutely no way out. This feeling is most true when I click into Flickr. One image leads to 1 million more and before I know it, hours have gone by! Rather than letting all those stunning images of Africa go by, I've decided start a new series called Flickr Finds Africa. Each week I will feature a photographer from anywhere in the world whose pictures of Africa have really captured me.

I'm so glad to kick this series off with these amazing pictures by Icelandic photographer Gunnar Salvarsson. I've seen his work on Flickr multiple times and keep finding myself captured by his images. Salvarsson has traveled to Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi and Uganda and whether in black and white or in color, he definitely knows how to take a great portrait shot. Each image seems to perfectly capture all the simple beauty of his subject no matter what their circumstance at the time may have been. To see so much more of his work, definitely click here.

Stay tuned for this week's edition of Through the Lens!

{Photos: gunnisal}

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Emma said...

Great blog and great pictures.