Kua Designs

Honestly, words can barely express how excited I am about Kua Designs! Some people are into jewelry, others can't get enough shoes, or just clothes in general. While I love those things as well, nothing stops my heart like a good bag. I even once considered going into the business but realized I would never be able to sell anything because I would just want everything for myself! With that in mind, you can pretty much figure out that my heart skipped a beat want I clicked on Mimi Magazine and discovered Kua Designs!

Ghanian designer Ruby Buah seamlessly combines stunning the wax prints with sleek new designs to come up with these stunning clutches that go with everything from the staple little black dress to jeans and a simple top on a night out.

I love that she named the business after her mom, named Kua, but also turned it into something catchy as well: Keep Us Authentic.

Seeing all these bags is a total kid in the candy store moment for me.....I simply wouldn't know how to just choose one!

You can find out more through Kua Designs website and also through the "It's all in the Bag" article in Mimi Magazine!

{Photos: Kua Designs}


enisio said...

These are absolutely beautiful! I couldn't find the yellow one in the third picture though! Thanks for sharing.

Orleans Designs said...

These bags are divine. Orleans Designs are looking to collaborate with this designer soon.