Through the Lens: Bamako Encounters, African Photography Biennial

One of the most exciting events currently taking place on the continent this week is the 8th edition of Bamako Encounters - African Photography Biennial. Held every two years since 1994, this edition kicked off on Saturday (November 7th) in Bamako, Mali and continues for an entire month. The entire event focuses on African photography and provides a venue for over 100 photographers from all over the continent (including those that live abroad) to meet, exchange ideas and experiences and showcase their work to the world. The schedule is packed with workshops, portfolio reviews, workshops and tons of outreach activities to draw in the local community. To this end, the events will take place throughout the entire city and especially in neighborhoods that make it easy for locals to attend.

This year, the theme of the event is "Borders." As the curators explain:

"In Africa more than anywhere else, the co-curators explain, borders are a complex issue, whether artificial lines designed by men or natural barriers. The biennial proposes to explore this question and look at how borders affect peoples, identity, religion, territories, economical resources, sociopolitical contexts, movement and displacement."

Even though I am clearly not in attendance, this is definitely the place I'd most like to be right now. I have discovered so many amazing photographers through this event and I just love being able to share them with you so I hope you continue to come back and see all that photography from Africa has to offer!

To find out more, check out Creative Africa Network.

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