Tuesday's Design: Southern Art Ceramic Designs

When you think "Africa" and "tiles" (just in case this is something you think about often), your gut instinct will usually lead you to think of Moroccan/Tunisian tiles as just about everyone and their mother loves their designs. While it's difficult to argue with a classic beauty, I'd like to expand your geographic tile pool all the way south of the Sahara to include these ridiculously awesome tiles by Southern Art Ceramic Designs that I discovered via Elle Decoration.

There are so many of them to love. I'm particularly drawn to the Flora Moda category. The bright, colorful designs bring out instant cheer and even though the designs are complex, they give off a simple vibe that I'm lovely. My hot-minute of ceramics reminds me that these may be pretty but it's no easy feat. All those colors and patterns take a load of effort and a "I'm so in the zone" type of patience.

In addition to loving the Flora Moda collection, I really love these Blue Boat tiles which would obviously be perfect in the bathroom to help brew or maintain any nautical fantasies.

These Classic Filigree tiles are also a favorite of mine, especially the soft pink tones against the gray and black. I can't decide where in my fantasy house I would put these....

Do you have any fun tiles in your home? Which of their gazillion categories are your favorites? Where would you put these tiles if you could?

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