Blog Love: Wedding Nouveau

I will be the first to admit that I haven't caught on to the whole wedding blogging business, just like I'm not on the whole "joys of parenting" blogging bandwagon. It isn't that these spaces aren't great, it's just that these writers are talking about a phase in life that I just haven't reached yet so it often feels more than overwhelming to me.

Of course there are exceptions all around and the blog Wedding Nouveau is definitely a worthy one. This blog by Fri, a Cameroonian based in Los Angeles, is seriously jaw dropping! I was literally clicking everywhere because I just couldn't get enough of the beautiful inspirational board and great images. The blog focuses on intercultural weddings so it's a wonderful way to see how couples from different backgrounds incorporate their various heritages into their weddings.

Whether you are about to tie the knot or not even thinking about that whole phase in your life (i.e. like me), I promise that you will not be disappointed in this site!

{Photos: Wedding Nouveau}


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Thank you so much for your lovely feature. I'm honored, as I am a true fan of your posts.