Chichia London

I've had my eye on the designs of Christine Mhando at Chichia London for quite a few months now and have patiently been waiting for a collection that took me from "this is cute" to "must have or die." Her latest collection - Made in Dar - fits the bill in so many ways I can't even fully explain. This Tanzanian-born, UK-raised designer has come up with a collection so funky, and original it literally has me leaping with excitement! I swear I totally see myself rocking each of these outfits next summer.

I particularly love the bold prints in the first and fourth dresses and the strips in the second and third pieces. The full skirt in the 5th image is a total head-turner and the last shirt dress with full sleeves is made even more funky with the oversized glasses.

As if the clothes don't stand out on their own, I have to commend Ms. Mhando on the stunning photography. The setting and lighting completely evoke a beautiful early fall day when you are clinging to the last warm days of the summer before the onset of winter....and while you are clinging, you may as well be doing so in these beautiful pieces!

To find out more about this designer, you can also check out this interview over at Fashion Haute.

{Photos: Chichia London}


niki.mac said...

loooove these! i've been wanting a jumper with batik cloth or kente cloth for a while... so pretty!

Azara said...

Why does this model remind me of Faty!

Brandie said...

A - totally had the same reaction. So reminds me of Faty.