Tuesday's Design: l'aviva home

I always get a little excited (ok – a lot excited) when you find an online store that carries so many interesting items. One such store is l'aviva home brought to you by former Travel + Leisure creative director Laura Aviva. This online trunk show is filled with amazing items from all over the globe and the current show is about objects and textiles. Talk about someone living my very own dream – travel + shopping for fun stuff AND getting paid!

As a major lover of all things textiles, you can certainly believe that I was tripping over the wonderful pieces up for sale from throughout Africa. There are Moroccan wedding blankets (which I’ve only recently started to love), kuba cloth cushions from the DRC, indigo throws from Mali, mohair throws straight out of Swaziland and a favorite of mine, hadenga cushions from Zimbabwe. All of this beautifully curated on one site.

Aviva is coming out with a new show sometime this month so I’ll definitely be going back to this website on a regular basis.

P.S. Also check out the Mexican bedspread which made me feel like running straight to the border!

{Photos: l'aviva home}

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3pieceonline said...

I definitely loved seeing her home but didn't think to click the link to the store. Thanks Brandie