Lupita Nyong'o

One of the beautiful stars of shuga is Kenyan actress/director/model Lupita Nyong'o and she is definitely someone you need to keep an eye on! Her senior project for Hamsphire College was a documentary about albinism in Kenya called In My Genes which was an official selection for the New York African Film Festival!! I mean seriously?! She is currently getting a Masters from the Yale School of Drama (alma mater of Jodie Foster and Angela Bassett just to name two) and has already worked behind the scenes of movies such as The Constant Gardener and The Namesake in addition to directing a music video. Seriously....this woman is not even joking around! I can't wait to see what she has lined up or what her Master's thesis looks like.

{Photos: shuga stills}


Kaylovesvintage said...

yes , she is very pretty, I will look out for her, thanks

olen said...

Yes , she is very intelligent, I will look out for her, thanks

Francis said...

She is sharp, as she has managed to bring out life in a story that would have been depressing. I have watched the documentary and I feel inspired as an upcoming African filmmaker. She has uplifted the image of African film/documentary. Chish