Flickr Finds Africa: 01.25.10

Morning (afternoon or evening) everyone! How was your weekend? As you might remember from Friday's post, I'm back in Iraq for a little while just churning away like a busy bee. It's really been nice to get out of D.C. for a while and get a little taste of field life again. I've had flashes of missing this rhythm (key word being flashes) .

Anywho...on to this week's Flickr Finds Africa. I really can't explain how amazing the work of Polish photographer Swiatoslaw Wojkowiak really is. Clearly I'm not the only one that thinks so considering his work has been widely published in places like National Geographic! Today, he is taking us on a journey to Somaliland (autonomous region within Somali whose independent status as far is the rest of the world is still pending).

It feels so hard to decide but I absolutely love the pinhole shot of the tailor and the kids in front of the ridiculously awesome entrance. What are your favorite images out of this collection?
You can see more of Swiatoslaw's work here on his website.


Lindsey Lou! said...

First, may I say that I love your blog. It's a welcome and unique departure from the blogs that only ever talk about New York City and Paris. As for these photographs, I love that one with man in silhouette walking past the green door...but really all these photos are gorgeous.

Brandie said...

Lindsey: I'm glad that you enjoy the blog and hope that you continue to visit :)!