Tuesday's Design: Sea Five

Oh the joys of a boutique hotel! The cosiness, the little details, and everything else that almost makes me feel like I'm at home but obviously the upgraded version of home. I was recently contacted by Kate over at the boutique hotel Sea Five in Camps Bay, Cape Town and you can clearly see from these images why I was so excited to get her email. Besides filling my deep love for boutique hotels - this one is a beach house! Seriously people...who doesn't dream of having a fabulous house by the beach with oceans waves soothing you to sleep?? Who doesn't want the ability to basically step out the door and be on one of South Africa's most fabulous beaches?

Now let's talk about what's on the inside: 7 suites and that's it (can we say exclusive)!100% linen sheets lining each and every bed. Rooms designed by reknown South African designer Francois du Plessis. I just love the easiest of the whole design. Simple and elegant without being stuffy. The fact that it's now summer in South Africa makes it even more tempting!

Thanks Kate for sharing the little treasure of Sea Five with us!
.....now if only my flight out of Iraq could make a mini detour to Camps Bay.....
{Photos: Sea Five}

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