Hot Afro

This weekend, I was sitting on my couch flipping through my African Interiors book and I was reminded of how my love for design might need a little quenching with a new book. Right smack dead at the top of that list would be the new book Hot Afro featuring over 100 pages of homes all over South Africa!

In addition to this new publication, Quivertree Publications has also published books features homes just in Cape Town, another showcasing the simple beauty and decor in mud huts, and yet another on decor in shacks. I like how the show that beautiful decor can come in a fancy, stylized house as well as a simple mud hut and everything in between. You can check out their website for a lot more images from their various books.

{Photos: Quivertree Publications blog + Elle Decoration SA}

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3pieceonline said...

I am loving this! I will have to come back and peruse after my workout because the middle shot with the cabinets reminds me of my lab.