It's a Wrap!

Well...another week has come and gone and to say it's been busy would be a massive understatement! I've always wanted to be able to do a nice wrap-up of what's happened on the blog each week but one thing or the other always meant it didn't happen..except for today (and maybe next week too). In addition to highlighting what's happened here on the blog, I've also wanted to share a tiny bit of all the other wonderful things that I come across each week that may not have much to do with the continent but certainly put a smile on my face or gets me thinking deep thoughts. :) So here goes....

Monday Flickr Finds Africa looked at the amazing photography of Swiatoslaw Wojkowiak in Somaliland and you can be sure that more of his work will be featured on the blog again. Tuesday's Design looked at the Sea Five boutique hotel in Cape Town which basically had me wanting to run from the cold of Iraq straight to the summer of South Africa. Wednesday was all about the Audi Jo'burg Fashion week first with a post on the Winter 2010 collection of Thula Sindi followed by another post on a collection of my other favorites looks from the season. Art Scene on Thursday was all about Ghanian painter James Cudjoe whose work I would most gladly display on any of my walls! The week ended with the Sounds of Africa presenting the music of the young Zambian band Nyali and an introduction to the amazing organization Music Crossroads International.

In addition to all the excitement from this week's posts, here are a few other links of things that got my attention this week:

I got an email from the kind folks at Digby & Iona about their new Stump Ring and hole mole did I love it! The ring is already awesome but the video that was put together as a promotion for the ring totally rocks! In addition to the Stump Ring, I'm also loving their Flemish Knot ring. You gotta check it out.

This guinea fowl wallpaper by French designer LaLie has also been on my radar for how awesome it is! It totally reminds me of being in Sudan and being in the car and the drivers suddenly speeding forward when a family of guinea fowl would be crossing the road. Their excitement at bringing on of this home for dinner was just so funny. (I know...road kill in most circles is so uncool.)

In other blog news, this post from Coco+Kelley really did me in as I fell instanting in love with the inspiration coat. Over at one of my favorire blogs, Head over Heels, I was left drooling yet again with this post which basically is 100% my design aesthetic. I'm constantly left speechless at how this blogger consistently captures my taste. Ali from Austin to Africa, Brasil to the Bay really touched me with this post about how quickly the memories and the little details of a place or event fade as time marches forward. I also discovered the very hip men's style blog Style Salvage which is very cool. I don't read many fashion-related blogs, or anything related to men's fasthion but this one is definitely worth being on my rss feed. It reminds me a little of The Satorialist. Finally, Ana from Luminous Photography posted this week and as usual, it was well worth the wait. It's so lovely to see the work of this 23 year old Portuquese photographer. She doesn't post all the time but when she does it's so worth it...on a regular basis you can catch her on her 365 days of self-portraits on her Flickr page.

I hope you enjoy these links and I look forward to spending time with you next week!!

Have a great weekend!

{Photos: Swiatoslaw Wojkowiak}


Jodi said...

im so glad i found this blog! its so great :) i was born in south africa

Ali la Loca said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Brandie.