Tuesday's Design: Swahili Imports

Do you love little stores with all kinds of knick knacks? I certainly do. For example, almost a year into discovery I still can't get enough of my favorite store in D.C. - Ruff & Ready. I swear I've gotten all kinds of stuff at that place including a set of beautiful soup bowls and a vintage wooden bottle holder (read herb tray for my garden this summer) that I picked up this past weekend.

Well, stores full of knick knacks are even better when those knick knacks are from Africa AND reasonably priced AND available online! That's exactly what Swahili Imports is all about. I discovered this little gem while flipping through the Jan/Feb issue of Elle Decor. Obviously this was a clear case of fate as this was the first time I've ever actually bought this magazine. As is the norm, I usually scan any magazine seeing if there is anything Africa-related and tada...there are these Wolof laundry baskets from Swahili Imports. The entire decor section of their site is pretty awesome and the rest of the site has all kinds of goodies from Sudan, Mali, Ghana, South Africa and more! The laundry baskets really caught my attention because I so desperately need one and I have to perfect little corner in my closet for something like this.

{Photos: Swahili Imports}

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Papa Awori said...


Thank you for kind words on our Swahili hamper baskets from Senegal.

We shall pass your appreciations on to the women artisans who make them in Senegal.