African Woman

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to read local magazines. Whether I'm in Brussels or Amman or even small town America, local magazines tell so much about the culture of a place. Well, a friend of mine just came back from the lovely city of Kampala yesterday and got me two issues of African Woman - a magazine out of Uganda. It's like a beautiful glimpse into another place where the features are similar to magazines here in the U.S. with headlines like "Follow our Advice and Lose Weight" or "Get that Perfect Smile" but the models, the fashion and entire feel of the magazine are definitely African!

AND for a little fun, you can check out this little adventure I had the last time I went to Kampala - (talk about taking it back to the early days of this blog....)

:: Thanks so much ToH ::

{Photos: African Woman}


Ohima is ... said...

I love this post I have being reading your blog for a while and I feel I have to say how much I like reading it. Good job.

Brandie said...

Dear Ohima - I'm so glad that you enjoy the blog and I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment here.