Blog It Forward...

So some of you may have noticed the Blog It Forward badge here on the blog and might be wondering what the heck I'm up to now! Well the answer is pretty simple. You see..Victoria over at SF Girl By Bay was twittering with some peeps and said to herself "wouldn't it be great to start a blogger mash-up based on a theme" sorta like a chain letter but even more fun. Bloggers from all corners of the globe rushed to Victoria's site to be included in the fun and now 300 of us will be posting about "what inspires you personally" over the next few weeks. 10 bloggers post their responses each day and the pass the baton to the next blogger in their group. My big day is March 22nd, but until then there are gazzillions of new blogs to learn about and see what inspires these authors. So click here, or on the link on the sidebar to go to the full list and start exploring!

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