Sounds of Africa: Helen Folasade Adu

Today's music selection is really a no brainer as I have yet to listen to anything else all week! Helen Folasade Adu, born in Nigeria, became Sade before she was even four years old. Growing up in Nigeria at the time, the English name of Helen couldn't make the cut and so Sade, a shortened version of Folasade - love confers your crown - is what stuck.

Decades later she has legions of fans wrapped around her finger. Before her album was released on Tuesday, pre-order sales guaranteed that her album would be a top seller and since it's release you basically can't think straight without hearing her sound around you. Once you download her album you will see what all the "fuss" is about! This is literally a singer you can safely hang your hat on. She comes out with an album about once a decade and honestly, you'll hear no complaining from me. She spends the in-between years living life to the fullest and gathering all the material she needs to make sure that each song actually says something important, reaches her audience at the very core! It's clear that she understands and respects the transformative power of music and doesn't take the task of being a musician lightly. How honorable is that?!?

I really could go on and on forever about this album, but instead I truly hope you can just download it for yourself and allow your spirit to be moved. Songs like Skin, Bring Me Home, Moon and the Sky, and Babyfather (which has her daughter singing backup) have been going nonstop on my iPod; I just can't get enough.

In addition to this video of Soldier of Love, you can see another live performance here and the music video here as well as read a great article about her and this new album in the New York Times.

Oh...and can I PLEASE look this hot at 51?!?!

{Photos: Sade}

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Ali la Loca said...

I just bought this album and it is FAB. I second the plea to look that hot at 51!